How it works

All of our pressure relief products are made using 3-dimensional spacer fabrics (patent pending) which represent the latest advances in textile technology.

3-dimensional spacer fabrics, as the name suggests are comprised of 3 components, the surface, the center and the backing.

Although seemingly flat, the surfaces of our 3-dimensional spacer fabrics are made from micro-fiber filament polyester that instantly wick away moisture, humidity, and allows air to circulate through it.

These microfibers also have the unique ability to inter lock and eliminate sheer forces.

The center of our 3-dimensional spacer fabrics are made of thousands of soft interwoven polyester loops. Not only do these loops bend and adjust to the curvature of the body, but they also greatly reduce pressure points and keep them below 28mmhg when used with a standard mattress. That’s not all; because these loops bend but do not collapse, they maintain a gap of air between the skin and the underlying surface. This gap of air allows the skin to stay cool, dry and health at all times, all the while allowing moisture and humidity to escape.

The backing is a waterproof polyester vinyl fabric that protects the underlying mattress form fluids.