My husband is a 51 year old who has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

He was initially hospitalized for 4 months and during this time he developed pressure sores on his lower back and ankles. The Nurses did there best applying “DuoDerm” and re-positioning him every few hours. At one point they even moved him to a therapeutic bed, but nothing seemed to help.

It wasn’t until we accidently stumbles across this seemingly regular bed pad that his wounds started improving and eventually healed.

He was the first to recognize the effectiveness of the No Sore Bed Pad, insisting it be places underneath him to relieve his pain.

Lucy D. Montreal, Canada

I am writing you this letter to attest to my satisfaction with the No Sore Bed Pad. After returning from a hospital stay, one of our patients had developed a stage 4 bed sore on her lower back. Apart from the usual medical treatments we administer, she was issued one of your no sore bed pads. I was amazed at how well it worked. We could actually see a daily improvement in the wound. Slowly, it completely healed, and now the patient will not lie in bed with out it.

Marie C. Canada.

After using a No Sore Bed Pad, I woke up feeling fresh and dry. I noticed that I did not sweat during my sleep, and that was a huge relief. After a week or so, I realized that my open scabs were healing. I recommend this product.

John M. Los Angeles. CA.

Truly an amazing and remarkable product !

I wish everyone new about your product, especially the hospitals.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and Psoriatic Arthritis, I spend a lot of time in bed and the nurses don't have time to rotate me from side to side. I am unable to do it my self because I lost the use of my leg from an MS attack.

With the No Sore Bed Pad, it is not as important to be turned because the pad breathes which prevents sores from starting. Such a clever design.

Thank you very much for improving my quality of life!

Tami R.